The latest national ReachTel Poll commissioned by The Equality Campaign has revealed the majority of Australians want Parliament to do its job and vote for marriage equality without delay.

The survey of almost 5000 residents across the federal electorate of Chisholm, Corangamite, Durack, Gilmore, Latrobe, Murray and Page reveal that the majority of people not only back marriage equality but they want the Australian Parliament to get on with the job of legislating for equality for every Australian.

Chair of Australian Marriage Equality Alex Greenwich said now is the time to get marriage equality across the line. Federal parliamentarians have a unique opportunity to make history and deliver a reform that celebrates fairness.

“There is undeniable and strong support in the community and across the parliament, now it’s up to our federal politicians to do their job and vote marriage equality through so we can all move forward,” Mr Greenwich said.

The survey revealed almost 62% of those surveyed believe that their Federal member should be allowed to vote for same-sex marriage when the issue comes to parliament.

Furthermore, 41% of voters are less likely to vote for the Government if the Liberal Nationals Coalition continues to block members voting according to their conscience.

“Voters in liberal and national electorates want their MPs to be able to vote for marriage equality, a straightforward reform that we know communities across Australia want parliament to deliver this year so we can all move forward,” Mr Greenwich said.

Almost 60% of those surveyed believe its important for the Government to resolve the issue of marriage equality this year with more than 40% believing it was very important that the issue is resolved.

Executive Director of the Equality Campaign Tiernan Brady said our new national campaign is building on the momentum and energy generated across the nation for marriage equality,” Mr Brady said.

“As parliament returns to Canberra the campaign for marriage equality will be there to greet them, more determined than ever. We will continue to show Federal politicians that Australia supports marriage equality. Our campaign is not going away, and will only get stronger, until federal parliament delivers this straightforward and reform that Australia wants that is all about fairness.
“Our new national campaign features real people across Australia who make serve our country. Our soldiers, doctors, nurses, lifesavers and fire fighters, people who Australians are proud of but at the same time cannot marry the person they love in the country they serve.
“These are everyday Australian heroes who do their job and are waiting for politicians to do theirs. It is vital that Australians right across the nation get in touch with their MP and tell them why equality for everyone matters,” Mr Brady said.

Should your federal member be allowed to vote for same-sex marriage when the issue comes to parliament?

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If the Liberal Nationals Coalition continues to block members voting according to their conscience on legalizing same-sex marriage, does this make you more or less likely to vote for them in the future?

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How important do you think it is that the government resolves the matter of same-sex marriage this year?

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Editors Note:
This survey was conducted by Reachtel using an automated telephone based survey system among 4,742 voters.

MEDIA: Clint McGilvray 0413 285 186 or Mike Fairbairn 0448 524 731