A parade of colour showing the Yes Equality signs

Image copyright: Jeffrey Feng / SGLMG


Together with so many passionate and committed people from across the country, Australian Marriage Equality achieved its goal in December 2017 when marriage equality became law in Australia. The historic reform passed through our parliament following a nationwide YES vote and relied on the tireless work of countless advocates and volunteers over decades. We are deeply grateful to all our supporters and everyone who helped make marriage equality a reality in Australia. 
Our organisation began in 2004, when a courageous group of individuals, from across Australia, formed the grassroots and trailblazing volunteer organisation, Australian Marriage Equality. In 2020, we officially wrapped up our work as an organisation. We continue to celebrate and reflect on the marriage equality movement in Australia through our social media channels. You can check out some of the amazing stories from the YES campaign at VoteYES.org.au.  If you need support, are looking for resources or want to get involved in other LGBTIQ+ campaigns and advocacy please check out some of the great community organisations and services listed below.


Education and History:


Support and Social Groups: 
PFLAG Australia (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
Rainbow Families State and Territory chapters (NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC)


Faith based:
Acceptance (Catholic)