Religious groups from multiple Christian faiths today implored the Senate Select Committee into the Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) to find a way forward to achieving civil marriage equality for every Australian.

Australian Catholics for Equality (ACfE) was one of the three religious organisations invited to speak at the first of the three days of public hearings commencing this morning.

Benjamin Oh from ACfE said that not only do the majority of Australians support marriage equality but the majority of Australian Catholics support marriage equality.

“The majority of Australian Catholics support marriage equality and do this because of their beliefs and faith.  We do so because of our religious faith and teachings on social justice, which promotes the dignity and equality of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation.

“Civil marriage equality is based on recognising the value of committed relationships in society. This value is true for all couples in loving and committed relationships.

Australians for Equality (A4E) Executive Director, Tiernan Brady said “This is about civil marriage, not religious marriage. Allowing lesbian and gay couples to have access to civil marriage will not interfere in any way with any religious sacrament and nor should it.

“Crucially the voices of people of faith at today’s senate inquiry made clear that the existing legal protections for religions are more that adequate. Any extension of these would unfairly single lesbian and gay Australians for discrimination in a way that is utterly unacceptable to the majority of people of faith

“Across the world, over 1 billion people live in countries with marriage equality, all of which are predominantly Christian countries.

“The high levels of support for marriage equality from people of faith across Australia are rooted in their values and today at the Senate we heard the voices representing that majority view of Christians saying clearly the time has come for marriage equality to be the law of our land,” Mr Brady concluded.

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