Australian Marriage Equality (AME) and Australians for Equality (A4E) would like to extend their congratulations to South Australian Parliament for showing bipartisan support for both equality and same-sex marriage by passing the Relationships Register Act today.

Co-Chair of A4E and Director of Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, Anna Brown has been working with LGBTI communities in South Australia on the push for this reform.

Ms Brown said, “These improvements give same-sex couples the comfort and security of knowing their relationship is recognised in the eyes of the law, and the registration scheme removes any need to ‘prove’ your de facto relationship to officials.

“The tragic case of David Bulmer-Rizzi demonstrated that it’s too easy for service providers to ignore or misunderstand the law and deny same-sex partners recognition as next of kin or beneficiaries.

“LGBTI couples in de facto relationships, married overseas or registered with state based schemes face varying degrees of recognition and protection depending on where they live or travel to.

“Reforming the Marriage Act would ensure the certainty and security of legal recognition would be available to all couples on an equal basis across the country,” Ms Brown said.

AME Co-Chair Alex Greenwich said that while this legislation does not achieve marriage equality it will provide a sense of security to LGBTI couples travelling to this country.

“In taking the important step of recognising overseas same-sex marriage South Australia highlights the untenable position of Australia not allowing same-sex marriage.

“The sad irony of this legislation is that South Australia along with other states will recognise same-sex couples married overseas, however LGBTI couples wanting to marry in Australia must wait.

“This is just another example of the overwhelming support marriage equality has in this country and again we call on the government to work together to achieve marriage equality without delay,” Mr Greenwich said.

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