AME welcomes the Anglican Archbishop’s statement on marriage equality. We strongly agree with the Archbishop that the introduction of civil marriage equality in Australia will have no negative impact on religious marriage.

“Like the Archbishop we share his belief in the value of life long committed relationships and the simple desire of two people wanting to build a secure future,” Francis Voon, Faith Outreach Coordinator for Australian Marriage Equality said.

“Marriage Equality will ensure in Australia all couples will be entitled to the same dignity and status for their committed relationships.

“We would ask everyone to remember that words can do damage and this debate is about the lives of LGBT people, their aspirations and future happiness.

“Regardless of the pathway to achieving marriage equality, we join with the Archbishop and call for a positive and respectful national discussion on the issue.

“We welcome the Archbishop’s comments that people can support marriage equality in good conscience. 

“Extending civil marriage to all Australians is good for everyone. It takes from no one and makes our society a better, fairer and more inclusive place,” Francis Voon concluded.

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