Australian Marriage Equality (AME) today said that 70% of Australians back marriage equality and it’s important that all political parties work together to deliver equality for every Australian.

“While the final election result remains unclear, we do know that this election has delivered more supporters of marriage equality across every party than ever before”, Chief Executive of Australian Marriage Equality, Janine Middleton said.

“The majority of Australians back marriage equality because they believe in our shared values of a fair go and respect for all.

“LGBTI reforms have historically been advanced by multi-partisan cooperation including decriminalisation and relationships financial equality reform. It is vital that this continues into the future and the parties work together to deliver marriage equality for everyone.

“We may have majority support in this parliament, but to achieve reform they will all need to work together.

“Australian Marriage Equality is talking to all political parties and independents to build a pathway for marriage reform. This issue is about people not politics.

“Now that the election is over, marriage equality should be achieved by a free vote in the parliament.

“Regardless of the final election result, Australian Marriage Equality will continue to advocate in local communities across Australia about the importance of ensuring everyone is allowed to marry the person they love”, Ms Middleton concluded.

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