Advocates have welcomed reports that the Katter and Palmer United parties both allow a conscience vote on marriage equality, saying it increases pressure on the Coalition to do the same.

Australian Marriage Equality, national director, Rodney Croome, said

“Katter and Palmer Party consicence votes show the extent of support for marriage equality across the political spectrum.”

“With parties to the right of the Coalition supporting a marriage equality conscience vote, the Coalition has no excuses for continuing its blanket opposition to reform.”

“By allowing a conscience vote, the Coalition will not lose votes to Katter or Palmer, and will pick up votes in inner-city seats where Liberals support marriage equality but currently can’t vote for it in parliament.”

An increasing number of Liberal Party candidates support marriage equality in key seats, including Teresa Gambaro in the seat of Brisbane, Bill Glasson in Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith, Michael Feneley in Kingsford Smith and Kevin Eckendahl in Melbourne Ports.

Other Liberals who support marriage equality but currently can’t vote for it include Malcolm Turnbull, Kelly O’Dwyer, Wyatt Roy and Simon Birmingham.

For a report on the Katter and Palmer parties’ marriage equality conscience votes, click here.

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Author: Rodney Croome
Publication: AME Media Release
Date: 26 August 2013