Below is a list of petitions currently running around Australia.

  • If you don’t know your electorate, click here.
  • To start a petition for your own electorate (not already listed), click here. For assistance with wording the petition to comply with parliamentary standards, please email us.
  • If the petition is correctly set up, an email will be sent to the relevant MP each time someone signs it.
  • If you know of any more petitions currently running, please email us.

House of Representatives electorates:

Barker, SA (Patrick Secker, LIB): click here.
Bonner, Qld (Ross Vasta, LIB): click here.
Brisbane, Qld (Teresa Gambaro, LIB): click here.
Dawson, Qld (George Christensen, NAT): click here.
Fowler, NSW (Chris Hayes, ALP): click here.
Herbert, Qld (Ewen Jones, LIB): click here.
Higgins, Vic (Kelly O’Dwyer, LIB): click here.
Kooyong, Vic (Josh Frydenberg, LIB): click here.
Lalor, Vic (Julia Gillard, ALP): click here.
McMahon, Qld (Chris Bowen, ALP): click here.
New England, NSW (Tony Windsor, Ind): click here.
Perth, WA (Stephen Smith, ALP): click here.
Rankin, Qld (Craig Emerson, ALP): click here.
Riverina, NSW (Michael McCormack, NAT): click here.

Senate seats:

ACT (Gary Humphries, LIB): click here.