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Abbott rejects civil unions push

TONY Abbott has slapped down suggestions from opposition whip Warren Entsch and Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull for Parliament to legislate for civil partnerships or unions now that bills for gay marriage have been defeated. Mr Abbott said the dust should be allowed to settle after this week’s votes ”before we Read More

Civil union compromise a “cop-out”

Activists have again warned that introducing federal civil unions rather than marriage equality would be unacceptable to same-sex couples. The warning came as federal Liberal MP Warren Entsch reiterated he believes a civil unions scheme could pass federal parliament whereas he believes gay marriage has no chance. “I’m finding in Read More

Civil union plan would “prolong pain” for gay couples

Equality advocates have labelled a proposed federal Civil Partnership’s bill, from Coalition MP Warren Entsch, as a politically convenient half-measure that wouldn’t afford same-sex couples any new rights. (details of the plan here) Australian Marriage Equality National Convener, Alex Greenwich: “This civil union proposal isn’t about providing equality for gay Read More