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Maya Newell: I am a ‘gayby’

When I was a baby, my non-biological mother, Donna, would carry me on her hip on outings and strangers would invariably come up to us, assuming that Donna was my biological mother. “What a cute baby!”, they’d beam. “Yes, we’re very proud of her,” Donna would reply, or words to Read More

Lesbian families’ happy connection

RESEARCH published this month shows children raised in planned lesbian families are doing just fine. The research is part of a breakthrough longitudinal study being conducted in the US which has followed children being raised by lesbians since the 1980s. Continue reading … The journal article can be downloaded here.

Meribeth and Jean come home

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In a new advertisement launched by Freedom to Marry Meribeth and Jean, an Asian-American lesbian couple, tell their story of marriage and coming home to their family. To see the ad, click here For more about Freedom to Marry, click here

My Uncle’s Wedding

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Just released is My Uncle’s Wedding, a new book intended to explain same-sex marriage to kids ages 4-8 who may be invited to attend the ceremony. “This children’s book is the perfect gift for any child who loves a good story and especially children with gay people in their family,” said Read More