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Australians for Equality (A4E) & Australian Marriage Equality (AME) today welcomed the decision by the Australian Senate to block the plebiscite and called on marriage equality supporters across the parliament to work together find a fair pathway that allows every Australian to have equal status.

The plebiscite was tonight blocked by the Australian Senate 33 votes to 29.

“The majority of Australians and parliamentarians back marriage equality and believe this issue can be resolved by a vote in this parliament, allowing every Australian to marry the person they love,” said Alex Greenwich, Co-Chair, Australian Marriage Equality.

“Now that the plebiscite legislation is dead, we again call on marriage equality supporters across all political parties to work together to find a pathway. Marriage equality is a straightforward reform that will not cost anything or take anything from anyone but will offer a profound difference to the status and dignity of many.

“The majority of Australians and politicians want every Australian to be able to marry the person they love. It is time our parliamentarians found a fair and dignified pathway that ensured every Australian is treated equal,” Mr Greenwich said.

“Our campaign will continue to build on the momentum and energy across the nation for marriage equality, bringing supporters together, holding community events and forums,” said Anna Brown, Co-Chair, Australians for Equality.

“The campaign will continue to remind our MPs that fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society. Marriage is about the commitment shared between two people who love each other and want a secure future. This is good for our community and our nation.

“Fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society and we believe our laws should reflect these values of which we are most proud,” Ms Brown concluded.

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