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Australians for Equality and Australian Marriage Equality today said the network of LGBTI groups that have come together against a plebiscite and in support of parliament working together to achieve marriage equality has almost doubled to 100 organisations and LGBTI leaders.

Last month, a network of organisations and leaders of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) communities released a statement condemning the Plebiscite (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill.

“It was an important milestone to bring so many wide ranging voices together across the nation, united in their common determination to oppose the plebiscite and continue fighting for marriage equality,” Tiernan Brady, Executive Director, Australians for Equality said.

‘Today with Labor saying that they will not support a plebiscite it looks almost certain it will not happen, but we still need to focus on finding a parliamentary pathway for marriage equality without delay.

“The plebiscite looks set to be blocked but that by itself will not lead to marriage equality. Now is the time for all us to continue the momentum we have built and work with our supporters across the parliament to achieve this straightforward reform,” Mr Brady added.

Chair of Australian Marriage Equality Alex Greenwich said “Two thirds of the Australian people, a majority of the parliament and leaders of all major parties support every Australian being treated fairly and equally through the Marriage Act.

“It is now time for the Parliament to deliver marriage equality. Opponents of marriage equality will continue their negative campaign so we need to our supporters to continue advocating for this issue to be resolved now.

“We call on our parliamentary supporters to start working together on a pathway that delivers marriage equality in this parliament without delay,” Mr Greenwich concluded.


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