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Marriage equality advocates say Australians who support the reform will be inspired by Britain’s first same-sex marriages, and have urged Tony Abbott to following UK PM, David Cameron’s, lead by allowing a free vote on the reform.

Same-sex marriage began to be performed in England and Wales at 11.00am Australian eastern time.

Australian Marriage equality national director, Rodney Croome, said,

“Britain’s first same-sex marriages are a reminder that Australia is virtually the last developed, English-speaking world where same-sex couples can’t marry.”

“But it is also inspiring that this reform was achieved under a Conservative Government, giving supporters of reform the hope that the same can happen in Australia.”

“We urge Tony Abbott to take a leaf out of David Cameron’s book and allow a free vote for his party.”

“There’s no good reason to continue to deny Australian same-sex couples the same celebration and joy British same-sex couples are now experiencing.”

Today it was revealed that the Australian Government will allow British Australians to marry in UK consulates in Australia, something it had the right to veto. For a news report, click here.

Same-sex couples who intend to marry under UK law, either in Britain or in a UK consulate in Australia, are available for interviews.

For more information contact Rodney Croome on 0409 010 668.