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Lynn MacLaren – Same-Sex Marriage Bill in WA Reaches First Milestone

Same-sex marriage has cleared its first hurdle in West Australian Parliament today with the President ruling not to withdraw the Same-Sex Marriage Bill introduced by Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren late last year.

“The ruling means that the state can properly consider adopting same-sex marriage, if successful WA will become the first Australian state to pass same-sex marriage legislation that is better built to resist a High Court challenge”, explained Ms MacLaren.
Read more here (Source: Media Statement submitted by Nadine Walker)

  • Vicky Eisenhuth

    I am West Australian and proud of it. If this bill is passed It would validate my reasons for being proud. I am happily married, my husband and I where married many years ago with a simple ceremony, we have 2 sons and 8 grandchildren. I have always taught them all to have respect for all, no matter what, everyone has the right to their own opinion and belief. Therefore if a same sex couple wish to get married and make that commitment to another person, why shouldn’t they have the same rights as everyone else. We shouldn’t condemn people for religious beliefs and in return those people should not force their beliefs on others. When it comes to out of date laws, politicians readily change out of date road laws and any other law that is inconvenient, why should the marriage laws be any different?

  • Ned Barrett

    To quote British Prime Minister David Cameron “when people’s love is divided by law, it is that law that needs to change”

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