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What’s next for marriage equality?

Dear Marriage Equality Supporter,

The momentum towards marriage equality continues to grow. In the past week we have heard encouraging news that the coalition is moving towards a conscience vote, support for marriage equality remains high at 62%, and Magda Szubanski has reminded the nation that this is a reform that should be about people not politics.

So what’s next? With a Marriage Equality Senate Inquiry established with the support of all parties you will soon have another opportunity to share your support directly with the decision makers.

Australian Marriage Equality will shortly send you the tools necessary to make a submission, and along with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) we will be touring around Australia in March to run workshops on making submissions.

To help us continue to keep this momentum moving in the right direction any support your can provide will go a long way. We are an organisation that is run 100% by unpaid volunteers, who combat our well-funded opponents by the generosity of our supporters.

Any contribution big or small will help us all to continue to make history and will go directly to running public awareness campaigns, lobbying and advocacy costs, media and government relations programmes, and developing the IT tools to help to easily and effective share your support with our elected representatives. To make a donation simply click here.

Thank you for your continued effors for marriage equality,

Alex Greenwich
National Convener
Australian Marriage Equality