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The ACT Greens will call tomorrow on their ALP colleagues to vote against national Labor policy and support equal marriage rights at a federal level.

The party will ask the Legislative Assembly to back its call for the Federal Government to overturn discriminatory marriage laws.

It comes two weeks out from Labor’s national conference, which is expected to be dominated by debates about amendments to the Marriage Act to introduce equal marriage rights.

”The time has come for federal politicians to amend the Marriage Act to give all loving couples the chance to marry, regardless of sexuality,” ACT Greens Speaker Shane Rattenbury said.

”Creating equal marriage would remove discrimination from the law and help Australia to foster greater acceptance of all couples in committed relationships, regardless of sexuality.”

The motion essentially asks the ACT’s Labor politicians to vote against national ALP policy, which opposes same-sex marriage and supports the Marriage Act definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

It follows a similar motion that passed the Tasmanian Lower House in September.

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