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Equal Love Press Release 31.08.11

For Immediate Release

Openly gay Mount Isa resident James Newburrie will be holding the first Equal Love Rally opposite Mr. Katter’s office Sunday week (details below).

“While it is unlikely that this event will change Mr. Katter’s mind, my hope is that Mr. Katter will look into a news camera and apologise for a career’s worth of vilifying homosexuals” said Mr. Newburrie.

“11% of youth are same-sex attracted, 30% of whom will attempt suicide or serious self-harm, compared to 14% of the heterosexual peers”

“There has never been an Equal Love Rally in Mt Isa before, so it might just be one short fat guy with a sign”, he added.

Bob Katter, MP famously promised to walk backwards from Bourke to Brisbane if one homosexual was found living in his electorate. After Mr. Katter’s participation in the Don’t Meddle With Marriage event last fortnight, he has been challenged by James Newburrie, openly gay Mount Isa resident to walk from Mount Isa to Cloncurry (130km). Mr Katter’s office is yet to respond to the challenge. Mr Newburrie has suggested using the walk as an opportunity to raise money for youth suicide prevention.

“Two weeks ago we saw Mr. Katter auction his hat to raise $2700 for Family Voice Australia – an organisation with links to the Australian Christian Lobby that exists solely to continue the gay marriage ban and to protect laws that allow gay kids to be expelled from NSW schools”, Mr Newburrie said

Convener of Equal Love Victoria, Ali Hogg lends her support to the Mt Isa Rally:

“It’s great to see openly gay Mt Isa residents taking a stand against Katter’s homophobia. It is the attitudes of people like Katter that lead to young LGBTI people to attempt suicide and face bullying. It’s no doubt that peoples homophobic attitudes are backed up by people like Katter and others in Government and it needs to be stopped.” Hogg said

“I encourage people be they gay or straight to come out and support the Equal Love rally in Mt Isa to stick it to people like Katter that we exist everywhere and to also send a message to the young LGBTI people in the area that they have our support” Hogg concludes.

Mr Newburrie is also running the online effort 32001names “We also saw Mr Katter accept a list of 32000 names, claiming that was 32000 reasons to reject gay marriage, our goal is to find 32001 names to change his mind”

You can join 32001names at

RALLY DETAILS: Bob Katter’s office, 11am, 11 September 2011, Simpson Street, Mount Isa

James Newburrie. ph: 0402 321 045, e:
Ali Hogg convener of Equal Love Victoria. ph: 0403 019 430 e:


  • Mount Isa is a mining town of 23,000 people, 1000km inland from Townsville, and 1900km North-west of Brisbane.
  • Bob Katter MP holds the seat of Kennedy with 67.8% of the 2pp vote.
  • James Newburrie is an IT Security Specialist, who has lived in Mt Isa for nearly 4 years.

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