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Full marriage equality survey results for Wentworth

On April 13th, 2011, the Federal Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull, released the results of his electorate survey on marriage equality.

Here is a summary followed by a link to the full results.

Same Sex Marriage Survey Results for Wentworth

The results of the Wentworth survey on same sex marriage show a clear majority of respondents are in favour of amending the Marriage Act to allow same sex couples to marry.

There was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the survey, with more than 4,000 responses filed in little over four weeks.

Of these, 2,333 respondents were listed in the electoral roll as being Wentworth residents. More than 72 per cent of them agreed with the statement that they are “in favour of gay marriage”.

An additional 16 per cent of respondents said they were in favouring of amending the Marriage Act to allow same sex couples to have their relationships recognised through civil unions.

Seven per cent of respondents were against amending the Marriage Act at all, while a final three per cent of people said they were against gay marriage but did not indicate a stance on civil unions.

For the full results, click here

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