Q. What difference can my vote make?

A. Every vote for marriage equality will make a difference. Marriage equality won’t be decided by one party or leader. It will be decided by individual MPs voting according to their own conscience. Together, our votes will ensure majority support for marriage equality in the next parliament.

Q. The Liberals don’t have a conscience vote yet so what’s the point of voting for a pro-marriage equality Liberal?

A. Because Labor is committed to a conscience vote, marriage equality can only pass if the Liberals have one too. The Liberals are committed to considering a conscience vote after the election. The more Liberals who support it, the more likely it is there will be a conscience vote and the last hurdle to marriage equality will be removed.

Q. What is a conscience vote?
A. Some parties allow their members a conscience vote. By allowing a conscience vote, the political party isn’t declaring a stance on marriage equality. Instead, it is allowing the elected members of that party to individually vote as they please on the issue.

Q. The Greens are the strongest supporters of marriage equality so shouldn’t I just vote for them?

The Greens won’t win a majority. You can put the Greens first if you prefer but make sure you give your preferences to Labor and Liberal candidates who support reform. Marriage equality will only pass if enough individual Labor and Liberal members support it.

Q. Australian Marriage Equality gives ticks and crosses to candidates. If there’s more than one candidate in my electorate who has a tick how do I know who to give my number one vote to?

A. It’s our job to show you who supports marriage equality and who doesn’t. If you have a choice of candidates who support marriage equality it’s up to you to decide who you put first based on which party you generally support.

Q. Does it matter who I put second or third in the Lower House?

A. Yes. Your second and third choices may get your number one vote if your first choice doesn’t get enough votes from other people. Make your second and third choices wisely.


Q. What if a particular politician who supports marriage equality also supports things I don’t agree with?

A. We believe everyone has the right to make informed decisions. That’s why this site has been built to offer an education resource for those who do want to make marriage equality a consideration in their vote. We are not asking people to vote using this information in isolation but rather to use it to help form their voting decision.

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