The positions of federal parliamentarians on the issue of marriage equality, as outlined on this website, are based on public comments made, or correspondence sent, by the politicians themselves or on their behalf. Published reports of comments and letters sent to constituents will be taken as true reflections of politicians' positions, unless such comments have been explicitly denied. Sources are included, wherever possible, in links provided.

This webpage is designed to showcase the 'public' views of federal politicians on marriage equality. Private communication, 'off-the-record' reports, and rumours, are not presented here. Written correspondence from politicians (eg. letters to constituents) are taken to be 'public' comments.

Australian Marriage Equality has endeavoured to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, and has given each politician an opportunity to amend their stated position.

Positions are divided into three broad categories: 'supporter', 'opposed', and 'undecided/undeclared'. Each position is based on the politician's public stance on marriage equality should they be granted a conscience vote by their party. It is based upon whether they agree to the general proposition that same-sex couples should be able to marry under Australian law.

'Supporters' are those who have publicly expressed their individual support for marriage equality. It includes those who have said they support the issue but will wait to see the final wording of whatever bill is ultimately voted upon. It also includes those who have expressed that they have no personal objection to marriage equality.

'Opposed' are those who have publicly expressed their individual opposition to marriage equality. It also includes those politicians who have expressed their personal support but have nonetheless said that, for whatever reason, they will vote against marriage equality in the Parliament.

'Undecided/Undeclared' are those who have either expressed that they are undecided on marriage equality or who have not articulated an unambiguous position on the issue. This category includes those politicians who have expressed initial support or opposition to marriage equality but have not reached a final position.

Australian Marriage Equality welcomes any further information about the personal positions of politicians. Should any information presented here be incorrect or out-of-date, please email us at [javascript protected email address].