The time has come for marriage equality, yet we’re still waiting.

Despite a majority of Australians being in favour of marriage equality, we’re still waiting for all couples to be allowed full and equal legal status.

“We’re Waiting” is a powerful and unifying message for one of the most important legal and social reforms of our time.

We believe all Australians should be able to marry, irrespective of gender, race, sexuality or religion. Marriage equality is about ensuring all couples have access to the one legal institution known as “marriage”. And it’s about an Australia in which everyone is treated fairly.

While we wait, we will do everything we can to keep our message of equality before the broadest possible audience and win the 25 additional MPs’ votes required to make marriage equality a reality.

To stop waiting, start here. Your action today could make history.

Latest News

Norfolk Island Could Legalise Same-Sex Marriage By The End of 2014

September 17th 2014

Same-sex marriage could be legalised on Norfolk Island by the end of the year potentially triggering a tourism boom. A notice of intention to introduce the legislation was lodged with the Australian self-governing territory on Wednesday but there will not be a vote until next month at the earliest.


Norfolk Island Considers Marriage Equality

September 17th 2014

THE gay descendent of the mutineer Fletcher Christian says he’s excited he may soon be able to wed his partner, as one of Australia’s smallest territories pushes forward with plans to make same-sex marriage legal. REBELLION is once again in the air on Norfolk Island, as the self-governin…


Media Release: Norfolk Island Takes Lead On Marriage Equality

September 17th 2014

UPDATE ON NORFOLK ISLAND SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BILL A bill allowing same-sex couples to marry was tabled in the Norfolk Island Assembly at about 3pm local time (1.30pm Sydney time) this afternoon by MLA, Hayden Evans. The Bill is likely to be debated at the next sitting of the Norfolk Island…


Where Do You Stand on Marriage Equality?

September 12th 2014

Where do you stand on gay marriage? How would you feel if your local MP stood up and said they thought it was a good idea? Would you like to see the Gold coast promoted as a destination for gay couples wanting to tie the knot? Members of Australian Marriage…