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My partner and I have been together for almost nine years and just like so many couples in a long term relationship, we want to be married. We want to stand before our supportive and loving family and friends and celebrate our love and commitment to one another. Sadly due to the current Australian Marriage Act this will not happen for us. Not having the same rights to marry as heterosexual people in my country breaks my heart every day. This injustice sends out the false message that there is something second-rate about the love and commitment between me and my partner of eight years. And more frighteningly, it strengthens discrimination and breads a society filled with hate and prejudice against gay women and men. How long it will take this country to wake up and realise that the love between heterosexual couples and homosexual couples is the same and deserves the same recognition and right to marry? My reasons in wanting to marry my lifelong partner are the same as any heterosexual. Marriage for us means having – legal security, a public celebration of commitment, a strong and stable foundation for our future children, and to simply declare our true and perpetual love for one another. We are asking this government to do what is right for the gay citizens of this country and to make a positive and much needed change to amend the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to marry.

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