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Paolo and I had a civil union held in the Philippines on December 13 2012. We posted a video up on the web through our videographer’s (jason magbanua) website and it instantly went viral. I was amazed at the support we got from strangers who were touched and inspired by our story. Even though we’re not the very first to have had a same sex commitment ceremony, it made people realise this is now. This is reality. Love is love regardless.

I’m an Australian citizen and I’m very lucky that I have finally found the person I cannot live without!! And that person happens to be of the same gender and unfortunately for us, my partner has a Filipino citizenship status, which requires him a Visa to enter our country. My husband now wants to live his life here with me in australia and being a Filipino, it’s very difficult for him to get a visa. My cousins, who are Australian citizens just like me, have all married Filipinos. Beacuse their marriage is legal they were all granted Permanent residency visas with ease.

Why can’t I have the same right as they do?? Why do I have to jump hoops and prove that my relationship is a valid one, when opposite sex couples simple require a signature on a piece of paper, that “legally binds them”, and are granted a visa immediately, when we as a same sex couple will have to show 12months of documentation to prove that we are a couple, only to find at the end if the authority approves of our relationship or not.

I simply want to live a life like any other, and live with the person that is meant for me. Nothing more nothing less….EQUALITY!!!

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