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Take action from outside Australia

Do you want to support marriage Australia, but live in another country?

Here are some suggestions for how you can contribute to achieving marriage equality Down Under.

1. Donate

Australian Marriage Equality receives no Government funding and relies entirely on the generosity of supporters of equality. To donate click here

2. Write a letter

It is vital that Australians and our political leaders hear about marriage equality overseas. If you live in a place where same-sex couples are allowed to marry, and you have a positive story to share, please write to the following Australian leaders and major newspapers (please copy your letter to AME via ame@australianmarriageequality.org).

Before you write your letter check out our facts-at-a-glance info sheet about marriage equality in Australia.

For Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, click here

For Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, email Tony.Abbott.MP@aph.gov.au

The Sydney Morning Herald, letters@smh.com.au

The Age, letters@theage.com.au

The Australian, letters@theaustralian.com.au

3. Youtube

North American comedian, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, has established a Youtube channel where supporters of marriage equality in Australia can leave messages. For more click here.