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Say ‘I do’ to marriage equality

Send an email to your MP!

Federal parliamentarians want to hear your views on marriage equality. It’s not hard to do and it takes just a couple of minutes. Please select the webform that sounds most relevant to you:

Each webform has a different subject line and standard text designed to show MPs the range of support for marriage equality.

What do I write?

The most effective letters are those that tell your own personal story. Whoever you are, your story is unique and important. Explain what it would mean to you if same-sex couples were allowed to marry. Ask the MP to go public with their support for marriage equality.

If you are still stuck for what to say, you might get some ideas from our Quick Tips for meeting your local MP.

Email is sent… Now what do I do?

Wait for a response to your email. Make sure you follow up the reply, especially if the MP does not adequately address the issue. Write back to them asking for clarification. Continue the conversation until you feel it can go no further.

In the meantime, check out what other things you can do to support marriage equality: