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Respond to your local MP’s survey

Take a few minutes to respond to your MP’s marriage equality survey.

Following the success of a motion in Parliament calling on all MPs to consult with their electors on the issue of marriage equality, several MPs are actively seeking the views of their electors on the issue of marriage equality.

What do I do?

  1. If you don’t know your electorate, find it by clicking here.
  2. Once you know your electorate, click on your state below. Only those states with active surveys appear.
  3. You will be taken to a page for your State. Then look for your electorate and your MP. Note, not all MPs are conducting surveys.
  4. Follow the links (ie. email or webform) next to your MP’s name.
  5. Let your MP know you support marriage equality. If the survey offers the option of a second-best civil union scheme, please indicate you only support the full legal equality that comes with equality in marriage.

Choose your State below:

But what if my MP isn’t conducting a survey?

Never fear, there’s still time to tell your MP why you support equality. Click the one of the buttons below: