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NSW Marriage Equality Inquiry

Tell the NSW Parliament that you support marriage equality

The NSW Parliament is conducting an inquiry into a draft Marriage Equality Bill sponsored by members from all major parties.

This is a great chance for you to help achieve marriage equality.

The closing date is March 1st so don’t delay!

For more on the inquiry and the Bill click here. For more about the cross-party group sponsoring the Bill, click here.

About your submission:

  • Explain your personal reason for supporting marriage equality.
  • Express your support for state laws allowing same-sex couples to marry, given the failure of the federal parliament to act.
  • Remind the inquiry that marriage equality has majority community support, that there will be economic as well as social benefits for the first state to act, and that similar legislation has also been introduced in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.
  • Ask that the residency requirement in the draft Bill be removed so couples from across Australia can marry in NSW.
  • Commend the Bill for making it clear that intersex people will be able to marry.


  • The most effective submissions explain how marriage equality would affect you, your family, friends, and community
  • Share your personal story about why the reform is important to you. Examples of personal stories can be found here
  • Attach a photo or video  of you and your family  to help put a face to your submission
  • If you want to add some facts and figures to your argument, and information about marriage equality around the world click here
  • Share your submission with friends and family and encourage them to make one as well

Sending your submission:

When you click make a submission you will be prompted to give a summary of your submission and upload a more detailed submission in pdf or doc format and supporting documents.

Click here to make your submission now!