Imagine not having your marriage recognised. Help end marriage discrimination in Australia.

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    Can you help me make sure this never happens again?

    A message from Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, husband of David Bulmer Rizzi who recently passed away on their honeymoon in a tragic accident in South Australia.

    “The loss of my husband is deeply traumatic, and painful.

    But when I found out our marriage is not legally recognised in Australia, it made the pain so much worse. His death certificates now states “never married.” We were happily married. That is difficult to accept.

    Will you please join me in making sure this never happens to anyone else? Please show your support by signing this petition to end marriage discrimination”

    Unfortunately, Marco’s story and pain is not unique, and could easily happen again in Australia.

    Right now, the states of South Australia and Western Australia still do not recognise same-sex marriages from overseas, like Marco and David’s. The Australian Federal Government also does not recognise the same-sex marriage, and is standing in the way of Australians being about to marry the person they love.

    It’s time to recognise the marriages of people like Marco and David in every single state and territory, and provide that same equality to all Australians who wish to marry the person they love.

    It’s time for marriage equality.

    ** As of late Wednesday, SA Premier Jay Weatherill has announced a desire to change the legislation in South Australia so it recognises same sex marriages from overseas. He has also apologised to Marco for his treatment after his loss, and has agreed to issue him and the family with a new death certificate reflective of their legal marriage.

    Let’s make sure these long overdue reforms occur Australia-wide by signing this petition today.

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    Marco Bulmer-Rizzi


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