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How your Senators voted – 20 Sept 2012

Scroll down for lists of Senators who voted in favour, those who voted against, and those who didn’t vote.

The following Senators voted in favour of marriage equality:

Kate Lundy senator.lundy@aph.gov.au ACT
Doug Cameron senator.cameron@aph.gov.au NSW
John Faulkner senator.faulkner@aph.gov.au NSW
Lee Rhiannon senator.rhiannon@aph.gov.au NSW
Matt Thistlethwaite senator.thistlethwaite@aph.gov.au NSW
Trish Crossin senator.crossin@aph.gov.au NT
Jan McLucas senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au QLD
Claire Moore senator.moore@aph.gov.au QLD
Larissa Waters senator.waters@aph.gov.au QLD
Sarah Hanson-Young senator.hanson-young@aph.gov.au SA
Anne McEwen senator.mcewen@aph.gov.au SA
Penny Wong senator.wong@aph.gov.au SA
Penny Wright senator.wright@aph.gov.au SA
Nick Xenophon senator.xenophon@aph.gov.au SA
Carol Brown senator.carol.brown@aph.gov.au TAS
Christine Milne senator.milne@aph.gov.au TAS
Lin Thorp senator.thorp@aph.gov.au TAS
Anne Urquhart senator.urquhart@aph.gov.au TAS
Peter Whish-Wilson senator.whish-wilson@aph.gov.au TAS
Kim Carr senator.carr@aph.gov.au VIC
Richard Di Natale senator.dinatale@aph.gov.au VIC
Gavin Marshall senator.marshall@aph.gov.au VIC
Chris Evans senator.evans@aph.gov.au WA
Scott Ludlam senator.ludlam@aph.gov.au WA
Louise Pratt senator.pratt@aph.gov.au WA
Rachel Siewert senator.siewert@aph.gov.au WA


The following Senators voted against marriage equality:

Gary Humphries senator.humphries@aph.gov.au ACT
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells senator.fierravanti-wells@aph.gov.au NSW
Bill Heffernan senator.heffernan@aph.gov.au NSW
Fiona Nash senator.nash@aph.gov.au NSW
Marise Payne senator.payne@aph.gov.au NSW
Arthur Sinodinos senator.sinodinos@aph.gov.au NSW
Ursula Stephens senator.stephens@aph.gov.au NSW
John Williams senator.williams@aph.gov.au NSW
Nigel Scullion senator.scullion@aph.gov.au NT
Ron Boswell senator.boswell@aph.gov.au QLD
Mark Furner senator.furner@aph.gov.au QLD
John Hogg senator.hogg@aph.gov.au QLD
Ian Macdonald senator.ian.macdonald@aph.gov.au QLD
Barnaby Joyce senator.joyce@aph.gov.au QLD
Brett Mason senator.mason@aph.gov.au QLD
Sean Edwards senator.edwards@aph.gov.au SA
Don Farrell senator.farrell@aph.gov.au SA
David Fawcett senator.fawcett@aph.gov.au SA
Alex Gallacher senator.gallacher@aph.gov.au SA
Eric Abetz senator.abetz@aph.gov.au TAS
Catryna Bilyk senator.bilyk@aph.gov.au TAS
David Bushby senator.bushby@aph.gov.au TAS
Richard Colbeck senator.colbeck@aph.gov.au TAS
Stephen Parry senator.parry@aph.gov.au TAS
Helen Polley senator.polley@aph.gov.au TAS
Jacinta Collins senator.collins@aph.gov.au VIC
Stephen Conroy senator.conroy@aph.gov.au VIC
Mitch Fifield senator.fifield@aph.gov.au VIC
Helen Kroger senator.kroger@aph.gov.au VIC
John Madigan senator.madigan@aph.gov.au VIC
Bridget McKenzie senator.mckenzie@aph.gov.au VIC
Michael Ronaldson senator.ronaldson@aph.gov.au VIC
Scott Ryan senator.ryan@aph.gov.au VIC
Chris Back senator.back@aph.gov.au WA
Mark Bishop senator.bishop@aph.gov.au WA
Michaelia Cash senator.cash@aph.gov.au WA
Mathias Cormann senator.cormann@aph.gov.au WA
Alan Eggleston senator.eggleston@aph.gov.au WA
David Johnston senator.johnston@aph.gov.au WA
Dean Smith senator.smith@aph.gov.au WA
Glenn Sterle senator.sterle@aph.gov.au WA


The following Senators were absent during the vote:

Bob Carr senator.b.carr@aph.gov.au NSW
George Brandis senator.brandis@aph.gov.au QLD
Joe Ludwig senator.ludwig@aph.gov.au QLD
Sue Boyce senator.sue.boyce@aph.gov.au QLD
Cory Bernardi senator.bernardi@aph.gov.au SA
Simon Birmingham senator.birmingham@aph.gov.au SA
Anne Ruston senator.ruston@aph.gov.au SA
Lisa Singh senator.singh@aph.gov.au TAS
David Feeney senator.feeney@aph.gov.au VIC