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Marriage equality facts at a glance

Key facts about marriage equality in Australia and around the world:

  • 62% of all Australians, 72% of Australians with children, and 74% of Labor voters believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. 75% believe the reform is inevitable.
  • 54% of Australian same-sex couples would marry if they had the choice. 80% support that choice. 55% of same-sex de facto couples and 78% of same-sex civil partners would prefer to marry if they had the choice.
  • Same-sex couples can marry in Canada, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the US states of Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and the District of Columbia.
  • In Europe and North America the overall rates of marriage and divorce have not been adversely affected by allowing same-sex couples to marry.
  • The ban on same-sex marriages in Australia includes a ban on the recognition of same-sex marriages entered into by Australians overseas.
  • 15% of male same-sex couples and 25% of female same-sex couples are raising children.
  • Major American and Australian psychological associations have found that same-sex relationships are as stable and committed as opposite-sex relationships and children are not disadvantaged by being raised by same-sex couples.
  • 69% of marriages in Australia are performed by civil celebrants.
  • If they were allowed to marry, Australian same-sex couples would spend over half a billion dollars on weddings and marriage license fees.
  • Four Australian states already have some kind of civil union scheme, two of which allow same-sex couples to have official ceremonies. This has not lessened the demand for full equality.

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